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... What do we do?... ...and Why do we do it?.
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Lost Gold ring being unearthed - showing how Our Lost Item Recovery service could help you find your lost items

Lost Item Recovery

Free - Lost Item Recovery Service for Essex & Kent.
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Blackboard with Metal Detecting - A Beginners Guide written on it

Beginners Guide...

I want to start metal detecting. . . what do i do?
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CTX3030 - One of the Metal Detectors We Buy

We Buy Detectors

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UK detecting TV clip in Kent

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Our 5 minutes of fame (well, about 1 min 20 secs of it)
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Items For Sale

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A look at metal detecting Coils

The Basics of Coils

A brief look at coil types and how they work.
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Blackboard with Metal Detecting - Glossary of Terms written on it


Our Glossary of terms used in Metal Detecting.
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