Lost Item Recovery Service

We are now offering a free recovery service for lost metallic Items such as  jewellery, keys, personal items etc. (local-ish to Kent/Essex areas).

If you have lost a valuable or sentimental item in your garden or local park, don't give up just yet. Get in touch with us and our recovery team will arrange to be with you to help look for it.

If the item has been lost in your garden or on your own land, the process is quite simple. . . we will arrange a date and time with you and at least one of our team will attend to carry out the search.
If the item is on any land that you don't own you need to get permission from the landowner for us help you look for it with metal detectors. Once this has been done, we will then arrange a date and time with you and the landowner for at least one of our team to attend.

This service is available for free within a 50 - 60 mile radius of the QE2 bridge, and obviously we can only offer this service for metallic items.
Please Note - although we will try our hardest, a successful recovery is not guaranteed.

THIS IS A FREE SERVICE, so no payment is necessary. . . (although a cuppa tea or a small donation would be appreciated).

Get in touch with us here. . .