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    UKdetecting.com was created, and is run by, a small group of friends from the Kent/Essex area who love Metal Detecting. Having started out creating a Facebook page for detectorists in the Kent & Medway area, we decided it was time (after numerous requests from our facebook fans) that it was time to grow, . . so we became UKdetecting LTD and built UKdetecting.com
    As a group of friends, we go Metal detecting. Usually within Kent or Essex, but once or twice a year we like to take a long weekend and go to other parts of the country to pursue our hobby.
    As UKdetecting.com though, we are currently gathering helpful and relevant information on Metal detecting which we would like to share with other detectorists. We also offer to Buy any Metal Detectors that are on our current list (see the list here) and sell Metal Detecting tools & equipment.
    We are currently in the process of designing and manufacturing our own digging trowel. Once testing has been successfully completed we will begin the process of manufacture and then have these for sale on this site.
    Along with our Free lost item recovery service, we are hoping this website to be both helpful and informative.
    Simply because we love metal detecting. Whether it's Summer or Winter, it's just great to be outside on a field, on a beach, or in the woods waiting for our detectors to beep away to let us know there's something below the ground.
    Ok, so most of the time we may come away with nothing interesting at all, but every now and then, a coin, or a piece of silver, or just something really different or interesting turns up and makes us love our hobby that little bit more.
    Well, there's always the boring stuff, but we want to be open with visitors to our site, so please feel free to read our policies, Terms & conditions etc. Select from below. . .
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